This is the about page of www.ecej.org which forms the website of the Ecological Coalition for Economic Justice. It is here to tell you what it is about, to introduce its main authors and contributors and state its mission.


The site's main mission is to promote sensible practices to cut down on waste. By being less wasteful (especially of energy) we can all do our own little bit to benefit the environment in one way or another.

It may be in using less electricity or other fuels with the knock-on effect of reducing our country's carbon emissions. It may be in sharing resources with friends or neighbors, again reducing our impact on the environment.

The whole idea is to be friendly to our Earth without impacting anyone else in a negative way. We can all play our own part in this production and the more we each do, the better things can be. And to do it in a passive or good way is always best!

Who We Are

This site has several contributors with interests in ecological sciences and conservation strategies. The following social accounts can be checked out for more information: