There are numerous reasons in modern civilization for maintaining a just economic system that promotes ecological common sense and this site was created to present the most sensible and obvious points, scenarios and arguments in favour of this. It's main purpose is simply to provide a visual and readable voice for the protection of the environment in ways that can be economical and common sensible.

environmentThere is nothing destructive, evil or anti-establishment about being sensible about how you help your environment in passive and non-threatening ways. That's pretty much what this site is here to promote.

Be Kind to the Environment

The main message here is simply to live your life being aware of the results of your actions and how the things you do impact on the environment we all live in. It doesn't take any special knowledge or education or even a great deal of special intelligence to get what is pretty obvious to anyone who has the eyes to see.

I'll start by giving you a very simple example of the kettle and the hot water. Here's a simple question for you:

"When you go to boil some water to make a hot drink like tea or coffee, how much water do you put in the kettle?"

Don't be too surprised when I tell you that most people would shrug their shoulders and say something like "Does it matter?" If you were thinking the same thing, it's pretty common so don't feel you were being tricked or anything.

The problem with that answer is it is just plain ignorant. Of course it matters! Here's why:

It takes a certain amount of power (electricity in most cases) to heat up a given volume of water to boiling point. The greater the volume of water, the more power it takes to heat it up. That's pretty obvious, right?

The environmentally astute person would naturally measure the amount of water they were going to heat up before they turned on the kettle so they would only use the minimum of power to achieve their desired cup of coffee or tea. They would do that because wasting power to heat more water than is needed is doing additional damage to the environment totally unnecessarily.

That's because the majority of power companies in this country burn fuel like coal, oil, gas etc to make electricity. The more electricity gets used, the more fuel needs to be burned resulting in more pollution from emissions and a faster depletion of the planet's store of combustible (fossilized) fuel.

Turn Ignorance into Knowledge

There is only one cure for ignorance and that's education. Ignorance is simply not knowing something, so you cure that situation by learning about the thing you didn't know about. Now you're the opposite of ignorant: you're knowledgeable about that thing!

All it takes is learning how to use the powerful reasoning power of the mind to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Educating the mind really helps in that department. Then what you need to do is to take action to implement what you're intellect and the creative, imaginitive (ref: part of your mind is telling you.

The kettle and hot water example is easily made right by understanding that you only need to use the amount of power that you need to heat up enough water to make your cup of coffee or tea. By heating up more than you need is wasteful because you don't use it. It gets poured down the sink!

By not wasting power, we each do our own little bit for the environment by saving a small fraction of the power generated for the grid. One person's saving is negligible but when a thousand people all do the same thing, the saving is considerable!

This is the simple yet powerful message this site is trying to get across. Just think before you do a thing and if you can see where you are wasting a resource, stop and rethink what you're doing so you don't waste anything. Simple!